Completed this video for an application that has pretty much all forms of communication except teleportation. 

Elite Lighting

Elite LED Lighting had their annual gala where they played a series of 4 videos (all below). We have been working the past month on these and I am very proud of how they turned out.


New Demo Reel

Guys, we made a new demo reel. It has lots of smiling faces, so it's sure to make you smile.

Humans of CSS - Rudy

Everyone has a story. We searched for people who have touched people's lives and have created a truly inspirational stories themselves. Rudy, a janitorial staff member at CSS blew us away with his words. He is the coolest man alive and it was a pleasure following him around, sitting down with him and hearing what he has to say. This is the first in a video series of 4.

Laura MacArthur Elementary Mural

In April, Sarah Brokke-Erickson of the St. Scholastica Art Department put her idea of creating a mural for the brand new Laura MacArthur Elementary into action. The art students at CSS teamed up with the elementary school students to create one heck of a wall. Check out the video!

We're Making a Movie

We have spent the past year and a half making a movie. Last year we, along with our good friend Kyle Hellmann, slaved over a script. It was not an easy task finishing a screenplay that we could potentially shoot but once that was done we began casting. We were so grateful to have many talented people come in and audition with us. Then, we began shooting! It's been an unbelievable experience so far and we are PUMPED beyond belief to release this TRAILER. 

2015 Epic Airjam Lip Sync Battle of Life or Death

We got asked by the Marketing Department and the St. Scholastica Homecoming Committee to attempt to bring back an event that went on hiatus for about 15 years. They proposed that it would be a Lip Sync Battle, like you see on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon (among other places). We loved the idea, as it was designed to kick off Homecoming week at CSS. So, we decided to make a video that would attract attention to it. And the obvious choice was to make it in the style of Sabotage by the Beastie Boys. Then, we had to host the event and cover time in between acts. Fortunately we had some bomb ass prizes to give away so it made the event really fun, at least from our perspective.

Spirit Mountain Railjam

We hooked up with DroneStar and Flight Productions of Duluth to make this gem of a video from the 2nd Annual Spirit Mountain Railjam We actually started working with Spirit Mountain during this event in 2014!